Embellished Hand Towels

Decorative Hand Towels

Add life and colour to any bathroom with these fun and easy-to-make decorative hand towels. We have made ours in a Valentine theme for February but you can use any combination you like. Make a few extra sets in holiday theme to add some fun to your bathroom.

Supplies Needed

2 Fat Quarters in the fabric of your choice (high quality cotton fabric)
Hand Towels
Light to Medium weight fusible interfacing
Buttons and Bow for embellishment - optional

For our project, we purchased 100% cotton white hand towels from Cambridge. The towels measured 16" x 28" (41cm x 70cm). When you are purchasing towels for this project, you will want to buy towels without a woven band near the end of the towel. Try to find towels that are completely flat and do not have a gathered band. The gathering makes it difficult to add the fabric decoration.

Two Fat quarters will make decorative for two towels trimmed both top and bottom or four towels trimmed along one edge. For our sample we used this GREAT Valentine fabric CT-1746. You can check this fabric out through our on-line catalogue.

Getting Started

We made our towels with two different Seminole pieced strips. One had the printed fabric in the center and the Moda Marble solids on either side. The second sample had the print on the sides and the Moda Marble solid in the center.


From each fat quarter (a fat quarter measures approximately 22" x 20" in size) cut the following
6 - 2" x 22" strips

Group the strips together into groups of three

Print - solid - print
Solid - print - solid
You will have two groups of each kind.

Making the Pieces Strips

Sew each group set together using a ¼" seam. Press the seam allowances in the same direction. Place all the pieced sets, except for one aside. Sub cut the strip you have just pieced together into strips that measure 2"x 5"

Lay the cut segments on your worktable to join a long strip. This time however the segments are offset with the first seam in segment one matching the second seam in segment two and so on. Sew the segment back together until you have used all the pieces up. You should have pieced approximately 9 segments into you Seminole pieced stripe.

At this point, I like to stabilize the pieced stripe before adding it to the towel. Carefully cut and iron a piece of fusible lightweight to medium-weight interfacing onto the back of your Seminole pieced strip.

Before the pieced strip can be added to the towel, the strip must be trimmed to remove the excess fabric. Lay your ruler over the pieced strip and line the first ¼" line of your ruler with the part of the pieces where on square ends and another square starts. This is the spot were you are seeing an open section between triangles. Line up this spot and trim the excess fabric away on both sides.

Attaching the Pieced Strip to the Towel

Flip the pieced strip to the wrong side and press under a ¼" seam on each of the long sides. Measure the strip and the width of the towel to calculate the length required. Add an extra ½" and trim the strip to the required length. From the bottom of the towel, measure and mark 2 ½" up. Place the bottom of the pieced strip along this mark. Pin and sew in place making sure your raw edges are completely tucked under. Stitch close to the edge all the way around the entire strip. Repeat with the remaining towels.

Sew on buttons and ribbons to embellish.
Place the decorative towels in your bathroom and enjoy.

These make great gifts for friends and family!

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