Casserole Holder

Casserole Holder

by Marcelle van der Veen and Clive Thomas
Nordic Sewing Machine Ltd, South Africa

This projects come to us from the Husqvarna Viking Educational Department. We would like to thank Husqvarna Viking for sharing such wonderful projects with us.


Outside Fabric - 40cm x 150cm (16" x 59")
Lining - 30cm x 150cm (12" x 59")
Batting - 30cm x 150cm (12" x 59")

A variety of Sulky threads - 40 w.
Matching Sewing Thread
Tear-A-Way stabilizer

Husqvarna Viking A-foot
Husqvarna Viking J-foot
Husqvarna Viking Dual Feed Foot
Husqvarna Viking Edge Stitching Foot
Embroidery Card/Disk

2 x Dowel Sticks - each 40 cm long
Husqvarna Viking Fast Turn
Husqvarna Viking Pictogram Pen
Schmetz needle size 80


Bow Strips - Cut 2 strips 8 cm x 30cm (3 ¼" x 12")

Body - Lay the outside fabric and the lining on top of each other, right sides together and cut the following: Cut one piece (of both layers) - 70cm x 30cm (28" x 12") - round the corners using a glass to draw the curve evenly.

Cut one piece (of both layers) - 75cm x 30cm (30" x 12") - fold in half and cut as indicated in the illustration below to create the handles.

Cut one piece of batting of each type - one 70cm x 30cm (28" x 12") with rounded corners and one 75cm x 30cm (30" x 12")


Slide on the embroidery unit. Select the embroidery designs you wish from your embroidery card/disk. Use your Pictogram pen to mark the center point of each design on the lining piece where you like to place them. In the original casserole holder sample, the embroideries were placed at the each of each short side with the center of the design approximately 10cm from the edge of the fabric. Embroider all four designs. (if you do not have an embroidery option - continue to the next step)


1. Place the two pieces of the lining on top of the batting.

2. Take the standard ankle and presser foot off the machine.

3. Attach the Dual Feed Foot. Remember to place the fork of the foot over the needle clamp screw. Screw in place with the accessory thumbscrews.

4. Quilt across the two pieces as desired or as suggested in the illustrations.

5. Overcast the edges with the three step zigzag.

6. Fold the bow strip double and sew along the top and one side, leaving the bottom open to turn through. Repeat with the second strip. Turn the strips inside out using your Husqvarna Viking Fast Turn for quicker turning.

7. Snap on your Edge Stitching foot, select straight stitch and adjust the needle position so the stitching row will be sewn at the desired distance from the edge. Topstitch the bow strips.

8. Place the Bow strips at either end of the piece of lining and batting with the rounded corners. Attach them with a straight stitch.

9. Lay the outside fabric on top of the quilted pieces, right sides together. Pin together and sew with a straight stitch around the edges, leaving a 15cm opening for turning through.

10. Snap on your Edge Stitching Foot, select straight stitch and adjust the needle position so the stitching row will be sewn at desired distance from the edge. Topstitch around your two pieces.

11. Trim the batting to the seam line and notch the curves and corners. Turn through. To make the handle, fold about 4cm over (depends on the thickness of your dowel) and pin. Check that the dowel fits. Remove dowel and stitch across.


Place the two parts of the body on top of each other so that they cross in the middle. Sew the two pieces together at the cross.

Make your favorite casserole and deliver the casserole in the casserole holder to your friends or holiday party.


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