Fast N' Fun Pillow Case


Fast 'N Fun Pillow Case


This pillow case is so much fun to make - use fabrics you already have on hand or buy coordinating fabrics. You will need four different fabrics. This example features Northcott's Zoology Flannels.

Zoology Pillow Case

Side 1
Zoology Border Print 10" wide by 21 ½" long
Zoology Stripe 21 ½" wide x 20 ½" long

Side 2
Zoology Black Block Print 13 ½" wide x 21 ½" long
Zoology Black Print Cut 3 - 5" wide x 43" long (width of fabric)
Sub Cut 1 - 5" strip in half to make 2 strips 5" x 21 1/2"

Sew all seams ½ inch wide.

Side 1
Sew bottom edge of border print to long edge of stripe fabric - right sides together.
Press seams toward border print side.

Side 2
Sew long edge of black print fabric to each long side of block print fabric (1 and 2). Right sides together. Press seams toward black print. Next sew long edge of black border print to each end of block print (3 and 4). Press seams toward end.


Place Side 1 and Side 2 right sides together on a flat surface and pin together on the end where the two black fabrics are together. Sew a seam from the edge toward the center 3 ½ inches on both sides leaving a 14" opening in the middle. Press seam open. After pressing, lay flat on table and insert zipper. After inserting the zipper, lay flat with right sides together. Pin and sew side seams and bottom.
Turn right side out through the zipper opening. Put pillow in the case through the zipper opening.


When making this pillow it is nice to add top stitching or a fancy stitch to seams on each side before sewing them together.
After completing the pillow case before turning right side out - serging all around will reinforce the seams and prevent fraying when washing.



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