Novelty Pillowcases

Novelty Pillowcases

Why not brighten the bedrooms in your home by making some fantastic novelty pillowcases? These pillowcases go together quickly and easily and are a wonderful project even for beginning sewers. Why not make a variety of pillowcases in a selection of different prints and change the pillow covers in your room for the up-coming seasons and months. Pattern and instructions are based on a standard 32” by 20” pillow. Adjust as necessary for a queen (30”) and a king (36”)

For each standard pillowcase you will need:

0.7m (¾ yard) for main section of pillowcase (piece A)*
0.35m (1/3 yard) for end section of pillowcase (piece B)
0.15m (1/8 yard) for accent strip (piece C)

* Please Note: When choosing fabric for the pillowcases, beware of directional prints. The pillowcase is cut out with the selvage being the long edge of the pillowcase. If you would like the directional print to run horizontal across the pillowcase be sure to purchase 1.15m (1-¼ yards) of fabric for the main section.

From main section fabric cut: one piece 27” x 41” (piece A)
From end section fabric cut: one piece 10” x 41” (piece B)
From accent strip fabric cut: one piece 3” x 41” (piece C)

Putting It All Together
Taking the accent strip (piece C), press the 3” x 41” strip in half lengthwise wrong sides together for the strip measures 1 ½” x 41”.

Next, repeat this process, this time pressing the end section fabric (piece B) in half lengthwise is it now measures 5” x 41”. Using a ½” seam, sew the folded accent strip (piece C) to the right side of the pillowcase. This accent strip (piece C) is attached to the length of the pillowcase, piece A (41”). Next, taking the end section fabric piece (piece B) and opening it up, attach the strip along the same edge as the accent strip. Press seams.

Fold the pillowcase right sides together along the length of the pillowcase keeping the end piece (piece B) unfolded. Sew the bottom and the length of the pillowcase. Use a serger, zigzag to finish edges. Turn the pillowcase to the right side.

Now, taking the end strip (piece B), fold along the previously pressed edge, folding the fabric into the pillowcase. Turn the raw edge under ½”, pin and stitch in place. Finish the pillowcase with a decorative topstitch, hand-sewed stitch or a method of your choice,


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