Rolly Santa

Roly Santa

These Santas are fun to make. We have included the instructions to make one size but don’t stop here. Make small ones for your tree and large ones for your mantel. You will be Santa happy in no time.

You will need:

28 cm x 28 cm (11" x 11") square of red plain, plaid or printed cotton
18 cm x 18 cm (7" x 7") square of off-white muslin
23 cm x 36 cm (9" x 14") rectangle of cotton for hat
fabric marker
small bead
hot glue and glue gun

Taking the 11" x 11" square of fabric, cut it to make an 11" diameter circle. Next taking some thread, make a running or gather stitch slightly in from the edge of the circle. Continue completely around the outside. Pulling slightly on the thread, gather the circle in until you have an opening approximately 10 cm or 4" across. Stuff the circle with batting through the opening until it is full and somewhat hard. Continue pulling the gathers tight until the opening is closed. Secure the ends tight. Place red ball to one side. This will become the Santa body.

Now, taking the 7" x 7" muslin square, make a 7" diameter circle. Repeat the steps above to gather, fill and secure this ball. You have just made the head!

With the gather sections both facing up, use your hot glue gun to attach the head and body together.

To make the hat:
Taking the fabric for the hat, fold in half good sides together to make a 7" by 9" rectangle. Cut through the center of the rectangle diagonally from corner to corner. You will now have three triangles; discard the two smaller ones. Taking the large triangle still folded as you cut it, sew along the edge you just cut. Turn to right side. Gather in and glue on the head section, covering the gathering opening.

Finishing up:
With a fabric marker, make some eyes. Attach a small bead for the nose. Next, pull off a small section of fiberfill and glue on the Santa’s face to make a bread. Trim around the top of the hat with a small amount of quilt batting. Secure in place with hot glue. Glue or sew a button on the front. To make the glasses, twist a small piece of wire around a pencil to make the frames. Place a small amount of glue on the ends of the frame. Place the glasses on the Santa’s face with the glasses ends being tucked under his hat. Add a bell at the end of Santa’s hat

To make this Santa a hanging Santa, simply attach a ribbon, thread or string to his hat.

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