Organizing Patterns

Organizing Patterns
Often as we sew, we collect a large number of patterns. Why not organize your patterns using a system that makes finding them fast and easy?

Start by pulling out all your patterns and dividing them into groups. I like to break my down by types. Here are some ideas for groups:

children - 4 to 8
children - 8 -14
wearable accessories

These groups can then be broken down further into smaller categories. I like to have piles of dresses, sportswear, Halloween, maternity, work clothes etc.

From here, you can organize the patterns in a number of different ways. One method is to place the sorted patterns into storage boxes with each group plainly marked. When you are looking for a specific pattern, you only need to search under that one category.

Another option is to make a master pattern book that allows you to review all your patterns quickly and easily. Making a master pattern book is easy. You’ll need a binder, zip lock bags, clear plastic covers and boxes with dividers. To start, separate your patterns into groups. One at a time, remove the contents (pattern paper and instructions) of each pattern and place them into a zip lock bag - clearly marking the pattern number, style and name on the zip lock bag. Store the re-packaged patterns in a box in order - alphabetical, numerical, by designer - whatever works for you! The now-empty pattern envelope is placed into the binder inside one of the protective plastic covers. Repeat this process with all remaining patterns. Group patterns by placing dividers in your binder. This system allows you to quickly and easily search through your pattern inventory without going through box after box. It keeps pattern covers clean and in one piece and only after you have decided on a particular pattern do you need to go and retrieve the pattern paper and instructions.

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